As traditional lamps are replaced with LED’s a lamp recycler needs to consider their future.

Existing lamp recycling equipment doesn’t recycle LED lamps. Most cannot handle this new style of lamp without risk of damage to screens and significant expense of repair.

However, Balcan MP lamp recyclers do handle LED lamps & bulbs. Although not fully recycling them, they do overcome the need for presorting if mixed with other lamps, e.g. CFL, etc…

For three years Balcan has been developing the world’s first true LED processor and it is now commercially available.

Balcan LED1000 led lamp recycler has been designed from the ground up.

Using some existing technologies, Balcan Lamp Recycling Systems has created a fantastic recipe.

Instead of taking an existing lamp recycling system, adding something to allow it to ‘also process’ LED the Balcan LED1000 is the opposite.

Designed to recycle LED lamps, yet also allowing the post-processing of outputs from a traditional lamp recycling system, it creates more positive high value fractions (HVF) for the lamp recycler and a higher rate of recycling (over 90%).