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How it works

Balcan LED1000 Lamp Processor.
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LED1000 Lamp Recycler – How it works

Discover the LED lamp recycling technology that goes into our processor.

The new Balcan LED1000 lamp recycler is purpose built to help future proof a lamp recycler’s business.

The system has two loading points, one for linear and the other for smaller led bulbs.

Balcan LED1000 Lamp Processor
LED Bulb Table Sorting

Easily docked with the main system

Each option is easily docked with the main system ensuring everything is enclosed prior to processing and at negative pressure.

Smaller LED bulbs are emptied onto a loading table where contamination can be removed. These then chute down onto a conveyor where they travel up to the main screening processor. Linear LED tubes are placed directly onto a conveyor before conveying up to the processor.

After the main screening processor the processed leds convey to a second screening process to be separated into aluminium, ferrous, non-ferrous, plastics and glass fractions.

Linear LED Conveyor Loading

Each fraction is collected in tippers or bulk bags.

It is vital the system runs under negative pressure and is fitted with particulate filters as well as an carbon filter for mercury vapour removal (where present).

The system control is zoned, meaning it has to be started correctly in order to run. This also allows for individual operation of equipment if required for maintenance. However, in line with directives the safety circuit is universal, meaning it controls the whole of the system.

How the LED1000 Recycler works

Linear LED Conveyor Loading

Linear Conveyor Loading

A linear conveyor loading system is used to allow both LED tubes and lamps and small mixed WEEE to be put into the processor with ease. The versatility of this loading system means the conveyor can be removed to allow for larger lamps and electronics to be placed straight into the recycler.

Ferrous Non-Ferrous Collection Area

Ferrous/non-ferrous collection area

The LED1000 uses advanced sorting mechanisms to separate ferrous and non-ferrous fractions. By separating these into their own streams, businesses can realise a greater return on investment.

Aluminium Collection

Aluminium collection

An aluminium collection point is located at the end of the LED recycler. This stream is the most valuable of all and is free from contamination.